Course Structure

Once you complete the Highway to English Level-A course, this course will help you to further expand your knowledge of the English language.

English Level-B Course will be of great interest to all students who already have a basic knowledge of the English language and who want to further improve their vocabulary and pronunciation skills, in order to communicate more effectively.

The course covers different topics, from cities around the world to food, legends and sports. You will improve your English-speaking skills by practicing interviews, having conversations, and even engage in role-playing on topics relevant to the lessons. You will communicate using the present, past and future tenses.

Course Details

Course Details

This course is for graduates of Level-A or students with a limited English vocabulary of about 500 words and no formal knowledge of grammar rules. Classes take place once a week over an 8-month period and students can take advantage of our complimentary enrichment lessons for an additional one-hour per week.

Course  Objectives

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, students will read and discuss letters, short advertisements, invitations, as they learn about famous sites and US cities. Students will also be able to tell a story, understand short conversations, participate in discussions and even answer questions related to their habits, hobbies, and past activities.

Graduates will have more advanced reading skills and be able to read, understand and discuss detailed instructions and factual texts.


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