Course Structure

In this course students will practice speaking by discussing and debating social issues such as technology, emotional health, gender, and many more.

Students’ reading skills will improve, which will enable them to distinguish fact from opinion, give opinions and argue certain points of view. Students will learn and practice with new vocabulary, which includes prefixes and suffixes, words related to emotions, gender, travel, and cultural customs. Students will learn to identify the language of jokes.

This course will teach students to construct complex sentences using conjunctions, to identify parts of speech, and expand their usage of verb tenses, adjectives, and modals. Students’ language skills will improve through reading and discussing content, while also focusing on complex verbs that are needed for expressing emotional, health and social conditions. Students will also learn about “families” of words; countable and uncountable nouns, adjectives and their place and role in a sentence.

Course Details

Course Details

This course is for graduates of our level-2 course, or those who have a good command of about 2500 words, and can converse confidently (with some errors) using basic English. Level-3 is for those who know grammar rules but do not always apply them correctly, and who can follow a lecture on a familiar topic or an interview discussing current events, but may not be able to watch an English speaking movie without subtitles.

Class meets once a week over an 8-month period. In addition, students can take advantage of our complimentary enrichment sessions, for an additional one-hour per week.

Course Objectives

Course Objectives

At the end of the course students will understand long conversations, lectures on familiar topics, most TV news programs and movies in English.

Additionally, they will be able to read articles and reports and communicate spontaneously with English speakers.

Graduates will also be able to actively participate in discussions and express an opinion, give detailed descriptions, write an essay or report and personal letters.


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