Our online service will be hosted on our new website (, which is currently been set up. The cost of our service will be only 20 USD for a 45 minute chat with a native speaker via Skype. This will start in Vietnam and hopefully reach out throught the other countries in Asia. We will have a full list of teachers online . They will disply a small video of them selves to allow the children to get to know the teachers. There will be a information sectionon all teacher once they register and have they details checked and confirmed.


We allow students to talk about topics that interest them. Many students can not afford language centers or live too far from the better centers. They will be able to pick the times and for how long they want the lesson to be.


Our mission is to bring affordable English to the masses by keeping our overhead low. Additionally we will give qualified teachers like the Philippines, Africa etc an opportunity to shine. Because most of our staff will be minorities we can infuse culture into our chats.


Because we are online we can have some teachers chat from their homes reducing their transportation cost and the need to travel. This will make for a happier staff and eliminate parking problems at our center. Children will also need to register and pay also pay, this will be done via bank or paypal, They will load there account with funds which will be used up to plan for lessons.


We will also outsource to Philippines to maximize profits while increasing customer service.

Long Range:

With generated revenue we will open a traditional language school with the goal of keeping cost down while providing a high standard of service.

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